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      Jiande Dingxin Capacitor Co., Ltd.(hereafter called Dingxin) is located beside the Xin’an River of Jiande city which is the famous national scenic spot in China. Dingxin is specialized in manufacturing capacitors with a high degree of expertise in various categories such as medium frequency, ultra-sonic frequency induction heating capacitors, and DC filtering capacitors.

      As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, Dingxin is committed to differentiating its capacitors from others’ by superior quality and services through continuous quality improvement . With “Focus on Customers’ needs and product quality” as its business philosophy, Dingxin treats its every capacitor as its highly valued brand “Dingxing” at every process, and its capacitors are well received in global market.

      To create values for customers, employees, shareholders, and societies by constant technical innovation and managerial improvement, Dingxin is dedicated in clean, stable, and efficient power supply environment. Aiming at leading manufactory in induction heating capacitor industry, Dingxin is going to be the best choice of induction heating installations in the world with increasing trust and loyalty from all related parties.

      Choosing Dingxin, feeling more satisfaction!

      • 2009

        The company was founded

      • 20

        Company area

      • 60

        Annual output value


      Plant equipment

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