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      • Technology R & D

        As provincial Science & Technology Enterprise, Dingxin is proud of its technical team which has engaged in the industry for more than twenty years. Emphasizing technological advancement and R&D, it has got seven patents in recent years through technical innovation, ranking top in the industry of China.

      • Advanced Equipment

        “Workers must sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well”. As it is, Dingxin continuously invests to upgrade equipment such as winding, vacuum impregnating etc. reaching national advanced lever.

      • Product Differentiation

        Focusing on customers’ needs, Dingxin customizes its products according to customers’ requirements, and provides satisfactory solutions to customers as well. In this way, Dingxin’s profitability is strengthened by product differentiation.

      • Market Diversification

        Dingxin employs both domestic and foreign market development strategies with global point of view. As a result, Dingxin leads the industry in international trading.

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